A list of policies, guidelines, information sheets, templates and forms for government agencies and local government.

Document Category
Function Name Category
RM Access authorisation letter Form
FOI Acknowledgement - Access or Amendment Template
FOI Acknowledgement Letter - Internal Review Applications Template
FOI Administrative release of information Guideline
RM Agency loan extension request Form
RM Agency loan request form Form
FOI Amendment Application Form Form
FOI Amendment Application Form Form
Privacy Amendments to Information Privacy Principles Instruction Advice Sheet
RM Appraisal Standard Standard
RM Approval to postpone the transfer of information assets to State Records custody Form
RM Approval to Store Unsentenced information assets with an Approved Storage Provider (ASP) Form
RM Authorised agency user nomination Form
RM Cloud computing and records management Standard
RM Conditions of loan Guideline
FOI Consultation - s25 access granted contrary to objections Template
FOI Consultation - s25 Intergovernmental or Local Govt relations Template
FOI Consultation - s26 27 28 access granted contrary to objections Template
FOI Consultation - ss26-28 exemption agreed Template
FOI Consultation - ss26-28 re personal affairs, business or research Template
FOI Consultation and FOI act Guideline
FOI Consultation response proforma Template
RM Contracting and official records Guideline
RM Contracting and Official Records Standard Standard
Privacy Contracting and the Information Privacy Principles Advice Sheet
Corporate Customer Service Charter Strategy
FOI Designation Instrument - Other Agencies Template
FOI Designation Instrument - Public Sector Administrative Units Template
FOI Designation Instrument - SA Police Template
RM Destruction of Official Records - Agency Approval Process Guideline
FOI Determination - access granted in different form Template
FOI Determination - failure to pay advance deposit Template
FOI Determination - granting full access Template
FOI Determination - internal review Template
FOI Determination - partial access Template
FOI Determination - refusal to deal with application Template
FOI Determination - refusing access Template
FOI Determination - s14A extension of time Template
RM Digital Rights Management Implications for Recordkeeping Advice Sheet
FOI Disclosure Logs for Non-Personal Information Released Through FOI (PC045) Information Sheet Advice Sheet
RM Disposal standard Standard
Privacy Exemption Extension Information Sheet Advice Sheet
Corporate Feedback compliments and complaints Advice Sheet
Corporate Feedback compliments and complaints Form
FOI Fees and Charges Advance Deposit Template
FOI Fees and Charges Worksheet Template
FOI FOI amendment applications Advice Sheet
FOI FOI and charging fees Guideline
FOI FOI and contracting for Local Government and Universities Advice Sheet
FOI FOI and Contracting for State Government Advice Sheet
FOI FOI and public interest Guideline
FOI FOI and redaction of documents Advice Sheet
FOI FOI and sufficiency search Guideline
FOI FOI application checklist Template
FOI FOI fees and charges Advice Sheet
FOI FOI information statement Advice Sheet
FOI FOI request access cabinet documents 10yr hardcopy lodgement Form
FOI FOI request access cabinet documents 10yr hardcopy lodgement Form
FOI FOI sample letter determination document schedule Template
RM GDS21 guidance certification process Guideline
Privacy General Data Protection Regulation Advice Sheet
RM Global exemption to ASP deed Standard
RM Identifying and retaining information assets which may become relevant to an actual or alleged incident of abuse Guideline
RM Information management standard Standard
RM Information management strategy Strategy
Privacy Information Privacy Principles Exemption Template Template
FOI Internal Review Application Form Form
FOI Internal Review Application Form Form
FOI Internal searching for documents form Template
RM Management and care records loan agencies Standard
RM Management and Storage of Temporary Value Records with an Approved Service Provider (ASP) Guideline
RM Managing Digital Records in Systems Standard
FOI Managing FOI through administrative change Advice Sheet
RM Managing information assets during administrative change Guideline
RM Minimum Recordkeeping Metadata Requirements Standard
RM Native Title, the Separation of Families and Official Records Advice Sheet
FOI Notification to applicant of transfer to another agency Template
FOI Online FOI Application Client Refund Form Form
FOI Online FOI Application Refund Request Procedure Guideline
RM Onsite storage of Temporary Information Assets Advice Sheet
Privacy Photographic Images and Privacy Advice Sheet
Privacy Premier Cabinet circular 12 Legislation
Privacy Privacy and open data guideline Guideline
Privacy Privacy breach notification template Template
FOI Proactive Disclosure of Regularly Request Information (PC035) Information Sheet Advice Sheet
FOI Processing FOI applications Guideline
RM Public access determinations Guideline
FOI Public Access to Cabinet Documents Brochure Advice Sheet
RM Records disposal program planning Advice Sheet
RM Records management disaster planning toolkit Guideline
FOI Reporting requirements under FOI Advice Sheet
FOI Request for Access Application Form Form
FOI Request for Access Application Form Form
Corporate Service delivery timeframes Strategy
Privacy Short Guide to the Information Privacy Principles Guideline
Corporate State Records responsibility and guidance booklet Guideline
Corporate State Records Strategic plan Strategy
FOI Transfer application to DPC re Cabinet Documents Template
RM Transfer of Official Records Standard
RM Transferring Temporary Information Assets to an Approved Storage Provider (ASP) Advice Sheet
Corporate Volunteer application Form
Corporate Volunteers policy Guideline
FOI What is an accredited FOI officer Advice Sheet
Corporate Work placement application Form
Corporate Work placement policy Guideline
FOI Written Notice - No Documents Found Template
FOI Your Right to Know Brochure Advice Sheet
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