Records Held

We hold series of maps which the government used for purposes relating to land and survey management, and resource management.

We also hold series of plans which the government used to make and record decisions around licensing, infrastructure and machinery management.

We hold a range of records relating to plans such as contracts and specifications.

Researching the records

Most of the significant map or plan series are described under the relevant topic.

For example, the page about House or property history includes explanations about:

  • Maps of the Surveyor General's Office, Lands and Survey Department and Lands Department, 1808-1946 (GRG 35/585), and
  • Drawer system plans - Surveyor-General's Office, 1829-1991 (GRS 6910).

A guide to civil and mechanical plans of railway infrastructure is under development. Ask staff for assistance to identify and order any required plans.

Retrieval of plans needs to be arranged in advance. Some plans are stored at a secondary repository, and others may require additional staff to undertake the retrieval.

Digitised records

A small set of plans are available on our Flickr page.

These include:

  • Map of Adelaide and suburban districts showing tramways routes and areas of housing development (GRG 22/64/1 map no. 2, 1952)
  • Plan of the Settled Districts of South Australia (GRG 35/585 unit 2 no. 13), and
  • Map of South Australia showing vegetation prior to settlement (GRG 35/585 unit 21 map 11)
Page last updated: 7 September 2022