Digital images and prints

We can provide copies of records in the following formats:

  • Digital images (PDF, JPEG or TIFF)
  • Basic black and white or colour prints from digital images (A4 and A3 size)
  • High quality colour prints from digital images (A3, A2 and A1 size)

How to obtain copies

Copies are sent within 8 weeks of payment.

  • Digital images are emailed.
  • Prints and USB copies are posted.

Orders for printed copies may include both digitisation and printing charges.

Self-service copying

You can take photographs of records in our Research Centre without charge by using:

  • your own camera.
  • the copying equipment provided.

Black and white prints from microform can be made for a cost.

You can transfer images taken with this equipment onto a USB. USBs are available for purchase.

Conditions for photography include not using a flash and following copyright conditions.

Fees and charges

Copying charges are proclaimed in the State Records Act Fee Notices (scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to the Fee Notices).

Application fee for copies of documents

  • Application made in person (1-10 pages) no fee
  • Application made in person (more than 10 pages) $10.80
  • Application made in writing or by telephone $10.80


  • Basic A4 print (black and white) $0.80
  • Basic A3 print (black and white) $2.15
  • Basic A4 print (colour) $2.00
  • Basic A3 print (colour) $3.95
  • High quality A3 print (colour) $6.70
  • High quality A2 print (colour) $13.40
  • High quality A1 print (colour) $20.30

Digital format – low resolution (e.g. PDF or 300dpi JPG)

  • Where a digital image already exists - no digitisation charge
  • Selected pages (1-4 pages) $7.75
  • Small item (5-20 pages) $38.75
  • Medium item (21-40 pages) $77.50
  • Large item (more than 40 pages) $115.00

Digital format – high resolution (e.g. TIFF)

  • Where a digital image already exists - no digitisation charge
  • Per image $26.00

Additional services

  • Certification of copy $0.70 per page
  • CD $2.15
  • USB drive $7.50
  • Postage

Payment options

Payment can be made using debit or credit  (Visa or MasterCard) cards in the Research Centre, online or by phone.

Page last updated: 30 June 2023