The Magill Old Folks’ Home opened in 1917 and was the government’s institution for aged residential care. Upon opening, elderly residents of the Destitute Asylum were moved to the Magill Old Folks’ Home.

The Magill Old Folks’ continued in operation at Magill until 1986. It was replaced in 1989 by a new facility at Elizabeth South. We hold records about patients at the former Magill Old Folks' Home.

There may be related information in records about destitution.

Access conditions

Records of the Social Welfare Department are typically restricted from general public access for 100 years, to protect sensitive personal information. You may have a right to apply for access to restricted records.

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) has inherited responsibility over records of the former Social Welfare Department, so applications will need to be made to DCP.

Records held

As well as the following series, we hold a range of daily journals and administrative records relating to the Magill Home (GA 688).


Correspondence with applicants for admission to the Magill Home, 1952-1953 (GRG 29/53)

Admissions and indexes

Register of inmates - Magill Old Folks’ Home, 1930-1963 (GRS 4554) - this series is open for general public access

Index to applications for admission - Magill Home, 1923-1951 (GRG 29/52)

Register of Admissions to the Magill Home, 1924-1950 (GRG 29/54)

Register of bodies sent from the Magill Home and forwarded to the Anatomical School Adelaide University, 1938-1951 (GRG 29/62)

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