Insolvency, or bankruptcy, was handled through the Insolvency Court. Procedure varied considerably over time and from case to case. The Supreme Court of South Australia was established as a Court of Insolvency in 1841.

The Insolvency Court heard and adjudicated matters when an individual became financially insolvent or bankrupt and still owed money to their creditors.

Bankruptcy became a federal function with the passage in 1928 of the Bankruptcy Act (Commonwealth).

Indexes and Digitised records

There are two main indexes to the records of the Insolvency Court in Adelaide:

  • GRG66/3 Index to insolvencies - Insolvency Court, Adelaide, 1841 to 1923
  • GRG66/11 Index to arrangements by deed under the Act 1860-1886, 1872-1928

Both indexes are available in hard copy in the Research Centre, although GRG66/3 has been transcribed, currently for staff use.

Indexes and records for the Insolvency Court for the Country Districts are held under GRG68.

Digitised records on Family Search - Register of insolvencies, from 1841 (GRG66/1)

Digitised records on Family Search - Register of arrangements by deed under the Acts of 1857-1858 and 1860-1886 (dated from 1858) (GRG66/9)

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