Only information assets of temporary value can be destroyed.

Agencies are responsible for destroying temporary value official information assets once minimum retention periods in an approved General Disposal Schedule (GDS) or Records Disposal Schedule (RDS) have been reached.

State Records recommends that agencies implement an agency approval process for information assets destruction:

  • Stage 1 List the information assets to be destroyed, making sure the information assets are of temporary value under an approved GDS or RDS, minimum retention periods have been reached, and ensuring there are no reasons to retain information assets longer such as for legal matters, FOI or a disposal freeze
  • Stage 2 Obtain sign off for destruction from the CEO or a senior executive or manager responsible for the business documented in the information assets.
  • Stage 3 Destroy the information assets using a secure, confidential and environmentally friendly method.
  • Stage 4 Keep a record of the information assets destroyed so you can account for what happened to them in the future.
Page last updated: 1 November 2022