Information assets transferred to State Records’ custody are considered to have ongoing value to the State and are irreplaceable.

Once ‘archived’ they should not be changed or added to, but may be accessed or copied for reference purposes.

Request information assets for loan

Authorised agency users can request the temporary loan of information assets which their agency is responsible, where absolutely necessary.

All loans are subject to the Conditions of Agency Access to Archives issued under section 25 of the State Records Act 1997.

To request records for loan the authorised agency user must:

The Agency Loan Request Form must contain details of the:

  • series
  • consignment
  • unit
  • item
  • purpose of the loan

The charge for a retrieval is:

  • routine retrieval:  $13.80 per item or unit
  • urgent retrieval:  $18.70 per item or unit

State Records may charge for time taken to identify the information assets if correct details are not supplied.

A charge may be applied if the item requested for loan is already at the agency.

The charge is $22.00 per 15 minutes (or part of 15 minutes) or $88.00 per hour.

When a loan becomes overdue a charge of $13.80 will be applied per item or unit.

Collection of loans

Information assets requested for loan will be available for pick-up from:

State Records at 115 Cavan Road, Gepps Cross 5094.
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Closed vehicles only. No Tray-top Utes to be used, .

Information assets may be sent by DX.

Return of loans

Information assets on loan to agencies must be returned to State Records in one of the following ways:

  • DX
  • courier or
  • in person

For security reasons information assets must not be returned via post.

Tray top utes must not be used, closed vehicles only.

The return of an item to its location on the repository shelves is a service included in the retrieval fee and does not attract further charge.

The only information assets that may be returned are those that have been:

  • previously transferred to State Records (identified by a GRS/GRG number and other identifiers as well as a barcode on the packaging)
  • issued by State Records for loan

Loan Extensions and Overdue Loans

The usual loan period is 90 days.

If a record is required for longer than 90 days:

When a loan becomes overdue a charge will be applied as per State Records Regulated fees and charges.

It is the responsibility of the authorised agency user to:

Page last updated: 2 November 2022