Operational Records Disposal Schedules (RDS) are used to sentence and dispose of official information assets relating to functions and activities specific to an agency eg:

  • Ambulance Operations performed by SA Ambulance Service
  • Collection Development carried out by the State Library of South Australia
  • Rural Industry Assistance managed by Primary Industries and Regions SA.

The Director, State Records is authorised to make determinations as to the disposal of official information assets with approval of State Records Council (SRC) in accordance with sections 23 and 24 of the State Records Act 1997.

Once approved an RDS allows an agency to legally:

  • destroy temporary value operational information assets once they have reached their documented retention period
  • transfer permanent value information assets to the custody of State Records once they are 15 years old and no longer required for current administrative purposes.

Records Disposal Schedule A - Z

The Records Disposal Schedule A - Z has an alphabetical listing of some approved Record Disposal Schedules.

This is not a complete list of approved RDS.

Developing an RDS

Agency staff or consultants can contact State Records for advice when intending to develop a new or review an existing RDS.

Further information

For specific information assets retention and disposal queries refer to your agency's records manager.

General information about the retention and disposal of official information assets is available for members of the public.

Page last updated: 8 November 2022