Application fees

There are two types of applications fees:

  • making a freedom of information application to access documents and
  • an application to review a freedom of information determination (decision).

You can find out what the current application fee is by downloading the:

There is no application fee to make a freedom of information application to amend your personal records.

State government agencies, government ministers, local councils and state universities may also charge additional charges to process your freedom of information access application.

Processing charges can include charges for the time spent searching for documents and photocopying.

For details of the current processing charges, download a copy of the FOI Application Form - Request for Access.

If you hold a current concession card such as a health care card or pension card, then you do not have to pay any fees or charges under freedom of information.

Proof of the concession card may be required when you lodge your application with the relevant state government agency, minister, local council or state university.

Alternatively, if you can satisfy the relevant agency that paying any fees or charges would cause you financial hardship, then all fees and charges will be waived.

Please contact the agency that you are applying to if you want to discuss this further.  Proof may be required.

If you are dissatisfied with a fee or charge you have been asked to pay, you can request a review of the fee or charge.

Please contact the state government agency, minister, local council or state university you made your application to if you want to request a review of a fee or charge.

A member of the South Australian Parliament who applies for access to documents under freedom of information is entitled to access documents without paying any fees or charges unless the work involved in processing the application totals more than $1 000.

Page last updated: 5 September 2022