The employment of teachers by the State of South Australia began in 1847 with the payment of a stipend to teachers.

It wasn’t until 1875 that the modern system of compulsory attendance at school for children resulted in the payment of a fixed salary to teachers by the government.

We hold records about the employment of public servants, including teachers in public schools.

Employee registers and employee sheet records are the most common types of records we hold for teachers. Sometimes there are also files in correspondence series for the relevant department. Comprehensive personnel files are rarely held.

For other government employment pages, see policemariners and sailors and railway employees.

Access conditions

Records containing personal, financial or disciplinary information are typically available for general public access after 60 years.

Less detailed records about employees may be open sooner.


Index to GRS 9084 Teachers' history sheets, 1915 - 1962 arranged alphabetically by surname. See index for further instructions on how to access these files.

These records are open after 60 years.

Index to GRG 18/112 - Student teacher agreements, 1892-1923

This series is arranged in two parts, alphabetically by the student teacher's name or by their residential location.

There are four types of agreements in this series.

  • Pupil teacher agreements, 1892-1912
  • Junior teacher agreements, 1913-1920
  • Student agreements, 1912-1923
  • Probationary student agreements, 1921-1922

They show name, address and signature of junior teacher and parent or guardian, and witness' signature.

Other Records

South Australian Education Gazette, 1885-1992 (GRG 18/170).

Arranged chronologically.

Examination register (pupil teachers) 1876-1900 (GRG 18/115)

Arranged chronologically.

Student roll books with subject studied - Adelaide Teachers' College 1892-1918 (GRG 18/11)

See the University of Adelaide Archives for records from 1897 - 1903 and 1909 - 1923.

The following series are available on microfilm in our Research Centre:

Register of provisional teachers 1877-1906 (GRG 18/121)

Register of pupil teachers 1876-1888 (GRG 18/119)

Register of provisional teachers (later 'Provisional Teachers' History' registers) 1880-1910 (GRG 18/91)

Alphabetical register of files on pupil and student teachers 1882-1909 (GRG 18/117)

'Staff book' of pupil teachers between 1900 and 1919 (GRG 18/123)

Record of secondary teachers' qualifications and schools, 1900-1965 (GRG 18/109)

Teachers' history sheets - Public School Teachers' Classification Board, later Teachers' Registration Board, 1915-1962 (GRG 18/167) - these records are open after 60 years. Ask for assistance to order open access records.

The following series are available on microfilm in our Research Centre:

Register of public school teachers, 1859-1920 (GRG 18/120)

Register of teachers (later Teachers' History' registers), 1880-1910 (GRG 18/90)

Register of certificates issued - Inspector-General of Schools, 1883-1899 (GRG 18/118) - proof of competency as a teacher.

Alphabetical register of files on the appointment of teachers, 1876-1887 (GRG 18/116)

Classified lists of schools and teachers with average attendance and reports, 1897-1912 (GRG 18/122)

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