The ArchivesSearch catalogue describes the hard copy original records held in our collection.

ArchivesSearch does not contain digital records or digitised copies of records however entries in the catalogue may mention online copies or microfilm.

Any public user can order records which are open for general public access.

You will need authorisation for access to restricted records, including records which are fragile. Our staff must order these records on your behalf, or can help you view a copy.

An appointment is required to visit the Research Centre and view original records. To book an appointment visit our Research Centre page.

Using ArchivesSearch

You do not need to be logged in to ArchivesSearch to search for records.

Archival terms

Learn more about how the archive is arranged for help with searching for records.

Searching for records in an archive is very different from searching for books in a library; for example:

  • records are arranged by the Government Agency that created them, not by subject
  • not every item in the collection is listed in a subject index or catalogue
  • records are stored in a repository and cannot be browsed
  • records have to be identified and ordered prior to viewing in our Research Centre

Searching ideas

Not all records have been described at their item (file) level. Try searching by type of information, or by government agency that would have created the information.

Some records have been digitised and can be accessed online.

Some records have been listed in an index. .

Browse our subject-based finding aids for ideas.

Records available on microfilm or in digital format

A number of frequently accessed records are available for viewing within our Research Centre on:

  • microfilm
  • microfiche or
  • in digital format .

Some records are available online and can be viewed outside our Research Centre.

Series descriptions in ArchivesSearch may show if the record is available online.

Pre-ordering records

Once you have booked an appointment, let us know at least 24 hours ahead of your visit the records you would like to view by sending an email to or calling 08 7322 7077.

Please include:

  • unit or item references for the records you are hoping to view (e.g. GRS 1334/1 Unit 38 File 3296 OR GRG1/42 Unit 1)
  • the date of booked appointment
  • your name and User ID (if you are a registered user)
  • your phone number and email address in case we have a problem with the order.

A maximum of 10 records can be ordered per appointment.

Having issues?

You cannot order records using ArchivesSearch contact us for help with ordering records.

Further information about using the catalogue is available on our Using ArchivesSearch guide.

Viewing records at our Research Centre

Our collection is located in our repositories at Gepps Cross and Collinswood.

We retrieve records from our Collinswood repository once per week for delivery to the Gepps Cross Research Centre.

Page last updated: 5 September 2022