Women's Suffrage Petition - master photocopy, 1894 (GRG 92/5)

A petition in favour of extending the right to vote to women was collected by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Women's Suffrage League.

It was signed by over 10,600 South Australians.

It asked for women to be given franchise for both houses of Parliament on the same terms as men.

It was presented to the House of Assembly by the Hon. G C Hawker on 30th August 1894.

The original petition is held by the House of Assembly, Parliament of South Australia, but you can access a photocopy of this record in the search area of our Research Centre.


The index to this series has recently been reviewed. It is arranged alphabetically and gives:

  • surname of the person on the petition
  • some addresses and occupations
  • the page number within the petition for their entry.

Index for GRG 92/5 Woman's Suffrage Petition, 1894 - alphabetical by signatory

A copy of this listing is also being promoted through the Centre of Democracy. On this site you can search the petition by name, occupation, township, etc.

Note: the page number in this list relates to a microfilm copy. To find the signature in the purple book in the Research Centre, use the key in the front of the book.

Contact us with any corrections to this or the Centre of Democracy's list.

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