World War One Soldier, Sailor and Nurse Photographs

World War One Soldier, Sailor and Nurse Photographs 1918 - 1952

This series of photographs was collected by the administration department of the then Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia, between 1918 and 1952. Each photograph is accompanied by a 'particulars sheets' giving full name, date of birth, date of enlistment, trade or calling, birthplace, address prior to enlistment, rank, number, unit and distinctions. The reverse has the signature and address of sender.

The Special List is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the individual, and also contains the date and place of birth, the date of enlistment and other particulars.

Special List to GRG 26/5/4, Photographs of South Australian World War One soldiers, sailors and nurses 1918 - 1952 A - Z

Note: The photographs in this series are also available on State Records' Flickr site.


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