The employment of teachers by the State of South Australia began in 1847 with the payment of a stipend to teachers.  It wasn’t until 1875 that the modern system of compulsory attendance at school for children resulted in the payment of a fixed salary to teachers by the government.

This Fact Sheet describes records held by State Records relating to the employment of teachers as government employees. This includes the training and registration of teachers, as well as employment summary records.

Most records relating to this subject were created by:

  • Central Board of Education, later Council of Education (GRG50)

  • Education Department (GRG18)

  • Department for Education and Children’s Services I (GA604)

  • Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) (GA814)

  • Department of Education and Children’s Services II (GA1282)

  • Department for Education and Child Development (GA2350)

Records relating to teachers – series held

Series IDTitle and date rangeAccessIndexes
GRG 18/11Student roll books with subject studied - Adelaide Teachers' College, 1892 - 1918Open 
GRG 18/90Register of teachers (later Teachers' History' registers), 1880 - 1910Open 
GRG 18/91Register of provisional teachers (later 'Provisional Teachers' History' registers), 1880 - 1910Open 
GRG 18/109Record of secondary teachers' qualifications and schools taught at, 1900 - 1965Open 
GRG 18/112Student teacher agreements, 1892 - 1923Open See Special List (also available in the Research Centre)
GRG 18/115Examination register (pupil teachers), 1876 - 1900Open 
GRG 18/116Alphabetical register of files on the appointment of teachers, 1876 - 1887Open 
GRG 18/117Alphabetical register of files on pupil and student teachers, 1882 - 1909Open 
GRG 18/118Register of certificates issued - Inspector-General of Schools, 1883 - 1899Open 
GRG 18/119Register of pupil teachers, 1876 - 1888Open 
GRG 18/120Register of public school teachers, 1859 - 1920Open 
GRG 18/121Register of provisional teachers, 1877 - 1906Open 
GRG 18/122Classified lists of schools and teachers with average attendance and reports, 1897 - 1912Open 
GRG 18/123'Staff book' of pupil teachers, 1900 - 1919Open 
GRG 18/167Teachers' history sheets - Public School Teachers' Classification Board, later Teachers' Registration Board, 1915 - 1962Open after 60 years 
GRG 18/170'South Australian Education Gazette', 1885 - 1992Open 
GRS 9084Teachers' history sheets - Public School Teachers' Classification Board, later Teachers' Registration Board, 1915 - 1985Open after 60 years 


The above is a limited selection of the most useful series only.  Descriptions and access conditions for these and other series held, as well as agency descriptions and agency inventories, are available via our online catalogue, ArchivesSearch.

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