Student teacher agreements

Student teachers' agreements 1892 - 1923

These agreements were made between the Minister of Education and student teachers (and parent and guardian) contracting the pupil teacher for the duration of his or her teacher training. They give name, address and signature of junior teacher and parent or guardian, and witness' signature.

The series has been divided into four types of agreements:

  • Pupil teacher agreements, 1892-1912;
  •  Junior teacher agreements, 1913-1920;
  • Student agreements, 1912-1923;
  • Probationary student agreements, 1921-1922.

The Special List for this series is arranged in two halves.  The first is arranged alphabetically by the student teacher's name, the second is arranged by their residential location.  The List contains the student teacher's name, their residence, a series reference number and a file number.

Special List to GRG 18/112 - Student teacher agreements, 1892 - 1923

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