Ships' papers

Immigrant ships' papers, 1849 - 1885

This series consists of papers related to ships chartered by the Colonization Commissioners to convey assisted emigrants to South Australia between 1849 and 1885. Each ship chartered by the Colonization Commissioners had what was called a 'Charter Party', which on larger vessels could consist of a Surgeon- Superintendent, a Schoolmaster, a Hospital Assistant, a Nurse, a Matron, a number of Constables (both male and female, selected from the emigrants themselves), a Cook, a Cook's Assistant and an Issuer of Stores.

The ships' papers typically record the physical fit-out of the ship, medical 'comforts', dietary allowance for passengers, gratuities to be paid to the Charter Party, statistical summaries, births and deaths during the voyage, the Surgeon-Superintendent's Report on the voyage and the conduct of the passengers.

The Special List for this series contains the names of the ships for which a set of ships' papers is held.  Note: this is only a partial list of the passenger ships arriving in South Australia.  The Special List is arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by ship's name within each year. 

Special List to GRG 35/48/2 - Immigrant Ships' Papers,   1849 – 1885


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