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South Australian Railways was established in 1856 with the passing of the South Australian Railway Act (Act No. 27 of 1855 – 1856). In August 1975 responsibility for railways was split, with country lines becoming the responsibility of the Australian National Railways Commission (Commonwealth) and the newly formed State Transport Authority (State) assuming responsibility for metropolitan lines.

State Records holds the archives of the South Australian Railways, State Transport Authority and successor agencies. Records created by the Australian National Railways after 1975 are held by the National Archives of Australia

South Australian Railways employee records

Series ID

Series title and date range



Register of appointments confirmed – South Australian Railways, 1889 – 1926


See Special List. This series is also indexed by GRS 111 Index to employee appointment forms, 1889 - 1921 


Staff registers - South Australian Railways, 1853 - 1913


See Special List

GRS 87

Record of officers with annual salaries - South Australian Railways, 1911-1913


GRS 88

Record of employees - South Australian Railways, 1882-1885


GRS 90

Record of Classified Officers, Temporary Employees, Non-Classified Officers and Cadets of the South Australian Railways and Tramways showing salaries and wages paid and allowances, 1873-1888


GRS 91

Record of appointments and transfers - South Australian Railways, 1917-1963


GRS 116

Classified lists of officers and employees of the South Australian Railways, 1889-1943


GRS 1427

Staff history cards, - South Australian Railways, c1907 - c1961


GRS 6232

Employees’ record of war service – South Australian Railways, 1914 - 1953


GRS 10638

Record of employment sheets – South Australian Railways, c1880 – c1976



Register of Service, Resigned or Dismissed Employees of the South Australian Railways, 1920 - 1978


Note: Series IDs containing a D prefix are series that were originally located at the National Archives of Australia. These series are progressively being added to State Records’ catalogue ArchivesSearch. Please seek assistance if the series you wish to view are not available.


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