Publicity Photographs

Publicity photographs c1937 - 1980

The photographs in these series were produced by the South Australian government to promote tourist and economic activity and the state as a migrant destination. They depict streetscapes, working life, events, geographical features, agricultural, leisure scenes, industry, agriculture, recreation, the arts, sports, buildings, natural features etc. 

Subjects covered include Flower Day, Irrigation and Fruit, Murray Towns, Adelaide, Country Towns, Adelaide Hills, Flinders Ranges, Mt. Gambier, South East Towns and Naracoorte Caves.

The Special Lists contain the title of each photograph and its individual number.  The Lists are arranged alphabetically by the photograph titles.

Special List to GRG 7/70 - Publicity photographs - Immigration, Publicity and Tourist Bureau Department c1937 - c1962

Special List to GRG 7/69 Publicity photographs - Immigration, Publicity and Tourist Bureau Department

Special List to GRG 75/8 - Publicity photographs Department of Premier and Cabinet c1950 - c1980

Note: The original Special List is faint, and while the list has been scanned with optical character recognition software, some of the text may not be recognised. Researchers are advised to browse the list if a search fails to find the desired photograph.

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