Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document where a person (‘the donor’), appoints another person, (‘the donee’) to manage their assets and financial affairs. This can occur as a result of illness, an accident, or the donor’s absence. An Enduring Power of Attorney can also be activated if the donor feels they cannot cope with the complexity of managing their financial affairs.

The appointment may come into operation immediately or may be deferred for a future need or event. It can be for a fixed period or to perform a specific task and may be revoked at any time, providing the donor has the mental capacity to do so. 

Records relating to Powers of Attorney

Series ID

Series title and date range



GRG 35/496

Powers of attorney, Land Office (later Registrar-General of Deeds), 1836 - 1885


None available
GRS 747Estate files, numerical series - Public Trustee, 1910 - current.  This series contains files where the Public Trustee is exercising a Power of Attorney – usually ‘grey’ or ‘in the matter of’ files.

Open after 60 years

Partially indexed by GRS 14580 Index of estates 1955 - 1962

Partially indexed by GRS 14580 Index od estates 1955 - 1962
GRS 12162Powers of attorney, single number series, 1838 - 1867


Partially indexed by GRS 12161 Index to powers of attorney, 1852 - 1867

Refer to GRS 12161


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