Passenger Lists

Official lists of passengers arriving in South Australia from overseas 1888 -1924

This series contains official passenger lists of ships arriving in Port Adelaide from overseas, from 1888-1940. The Customs Department required masters of incoming ships to prepare and forward passenger lists to the Department. 

Information recorded on passenger lists varies but generally include ship's name, master's name, tonnage, where bound, ports of embarkation and disembarkation, names of passengers, age (adult or child), occupation, nationality and number of passengers. Lists may contain names of passengers disembarking at Australian ports other than Adelaide. Not all lists have survived.

The Special Lists for this series cover the years 1888 to 1924 (with gaps for 1893 and 1895) and are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the passenger. 

1888 - 1908

These Lists provide the name of the passenger(s), port of disembarkation, arrival date and passenger list number.

Aaron - Batty,    Baucet - Broadhurst,    Broadhurst - Chutterbrick,   Ciage - Cummins,  Cummins - Eastham,    Easthaugh - Fredericks,     Fredericks - Grimston,    Grimwade - Hewland, Hewlett - Jasare,   Jasperes - Lane,  Lane, - Madsen,    Maednall - Mitchel,   Mitchell - Neylan,   Ng, Van Cop - Peyton,    Pezzari - Rintoul,   Riordan - Shammond,  Shammond - Stade,  Stael - Tuckwell,   Tuckwell - Whittles,   Whitton - Zottere

1909 - 1924

These Lists provide the surname of the passenger(s), the given name of the passenger, title, sex, marital status, age, occupation, nationality, port of embarkation, port of disembarkation, arrival date, ship number, ship name and notes (in some cases).

Aan - Azzopardi, Baar - Bywell, Cabarne - Czekojer, DBS - Dzatros, Eacott - Ezard, Faar - Fyson, Gabb - GysallaHa - Hyton Iacomb - Izzo,  Jaason - Juttner Kadabux - Kyte L Berondean - Lyth Maas - Mzcauley Nacey - Nyulasy O'Hara - Ozanne Paanakker - Pywell Q de Jong - Qvery Rabbits - Ryves Saad - Syvret Tabberer - Tzotzas, Ubsdell - Uttley Vacca - Vuckavic, Waas - Wyper Xavier - Zygas

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