Nominations for Assisted Passage

Nominations for Assisted Passage (paid by nominee) 1912 - 1914

Assisted passages were those where the cost of the voyage was partly paid for by the passenger. This series contains nominations for assisted passage previously paid for by the nominee [the passenger] and consists of nomination summaries and the nomination forms.

The nomination summaries can give certificate number, date of issue, date Agent General was advised, number of schedule, date the nominator was advised, arrival date and remarks.  The nomination forms record the name/address of the nominator, age, county of origin, location for payment of the nomination fee.  Details of the nominee are also provided including their name, address, age, occupation, nationality, marital status, fee payable and relationship to the nominator.  The names and addressed of a witness and two referees may also be recorded.

The Special List to the nominations is arranged numerically by the number of the certificate.  The List contains certificate number, nominator name, nominee name and date range. 

Special List to GRG 7/1 Nominations for Assisted Passage 1912 - 1914 by nominee

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