Nominal Rolls - Voluntary Military Force

Nominal rolls -Volunteer Military Forces 1854 -1886

This series comprises nominal rolls of the Volunteer Military Forces, established in 1854.  The following details are recorded on the rolls:  date when oath taken,  signature of deponent and Magistrate before whom oath made.  The name of the district and company has been recorded across the top of most of the rolls in this series, for example: Port Adelaide Artillery and Rifles, First Adelaide Rifles, and Reed Beds Mounted Rifle Company.

The Special List is arranged in two sections, the first lists the regiments alphabetically by name. The second lists the regiments numerically.  The List contains the regiment name, the date, and the roll number.

Special List to GRG 149/1 Nominal Rolls, Volunteer Military Forces, 1854 - 1886

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