Mariner Deserters

Mariner Deserters, Convict Department 1856 - 1860

This listing is taken from a Description book of the Convict Department (Dry Creek Labour Prison0. The list records offences by mariners, usually desertion or refusal of duty, for the period 1856 - 1860. The Special List is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the deserter, and also contains a page number reference within the original volume.

Additional information in the volume itself includes name, when received, from where received (usually Adelaide Gaol), date of conviction, offence, court and judge, sentence, place of origin, date of arrival in Colony, name of ship, where from, occupation, name of employer, friends in Colony, marital status, religion, education, age, height, build, complexion, face, hair, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, chin, whiskers, expression, general appearance and marks, and date of discharge.

Special List to GRG 54/39 - Deserter's Index, 1856 - 1860     A - Z


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