Lying-In Home

Register of Admissions to Destitute Lying-in Home, Flinders Street, 1865-1868

This series records admissions to the Lying-In Home operated by the Destitute  Board in Flinders Street, Adelaide.  The following information is recorded in the volume:  by which ship the person arrived, how long the person has been in the Australian colonies, date of arrival in South Australia, last place of residence, usual occupation and what employment now capable of, relatives in the colony and where they are living, nationality, religion, recommendation, reasons for requiring admission, date of admission, date of leaving and where gone to.

The Special List for this series records the name of the person being admitted and a page number reference for that admission.  The List is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the individual.

Special List to GRG 28/34 - Admissions to the Destitute Lying-in Home, Flinders Street, 1865 - 1868 A - Z


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