Ledgers of Children boarded out

Ledgers of children boarded out - Destitute Board 1862 - 1913

This series covers the period 1862 - c1921 and records the particulars of children who have become wards of the state and who have later been "boarded-out" with foster parents. The ledgers give Destitute Asylum/Industrial School record number, date of leaving, some personal details of the child, comments regarding parental or home situation, and lists of guardians and referees. The information recorded also includes child's employment, school masters and their remarks, date of Inspector's report and comments regarding child's placement, schooling and general progress.

Gaps exist between May 1902 - May 1905 and June 1908 - June 1913. 

The Special List contains entries for both children and the foster parents. The List is arranged alphabetically and contains the name of the person and page/volume reference.

Special List to GRG 27/5 Ledgers of Children Boarded Out 1862 - 1913 A - Z

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