Index to applications as 'Domestic Helpers'

Card index to applications for assisted passage as 'Domestic Helpers' 1921 -1939

This series consists of cards indexing applications for assisted passage as 'Domestic Helpers'.

The cards record name, file number, name of ship, dates of departure and arrival, age, nationality, name and address of employer/s, wages, date engaged and remarks about placements.

The cards act as an index to GRG 7/8 "Applications by women for assisted passage as Domestic Helpers".

Note: The date range of this series is not complete. The records cover two periods, 1921 - 1930 and 1938 - 1939.  The location of records between 1930 and 1938 is unknown.

The Special List to this series is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the applicant and also records: their first name, ship name, the year (in most cases) and a file number (in most cases).

Special List to GRG 7/15 - Index to applications as Domestic Helpers 1921 - 1939 A - Y

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