Index to applications as Boy Migrants

Card index to applications for assisted passage as 'Boy Migrants'1927 - 1930

The Big Brother Scheme was a scheme under the Immigration Act of 1923 similar in nature to the Barwell Boys Scheme. Under the Act, a 'Boy Migrant' was a youth between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one who came to South Australia with the assistance of the Commonwealth Government. Boy Migrants in the Big Brother Scheme were farm apprentices, and were assigned to a 'Big Brother' and a farmer when they arrived in Australia. This series consists of cards indexing applications for assisted passage as Boy Migrants.

The cards record: name of boy, file number, name of ship, date of arrival, date of birth, religion, name and address of employer/s, date employment agreement/s commence and expire, and details of wages paid. Some cards also give the name and address of the 'Big Brother' allocated as a mentor to the Boy Migrant, generally a city business or professional man of the same religion.

The cards act as an index to GRG 7/7 - "Application by youths for assisted passage as Boy Migrants - Big Brother Scheme".

The Special List is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the applicant and also record their first name, the name of the ship, the year and a file reference number.

Special List to GRG 7/16 Index to applications as boy migrants 1927 -1930 A - W

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