Engine Drivers Board Certificates

 Engine Drivers' Board Certificates 1910 - 1962

This series contains a sample of applications for certificates of competency for engine drivers of various classifications including internal combustion, first class, second class, third class, locomotive and traction, crane and hoist, and boiler attendants. Applications were made under the provisions of the Steam Boilers and Engine Drivers Act, 1935-1952, and related Acts.

The Special List is divided into two parts.  The first half is arranged alphabetically by the applicant's surname.  The second half is arranged by the type of certification being sought.  The list contains the applicant's name, their address, the outcome of their application and the date.

Special List to GRG 64/19 Applications for certificates of competency - Engine Drivers' Board 1910 - 1962    A - W



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