Documents Available Outside FOI

Documents publically or otherwise available

It is not necessary to make a freedom of information application for documents that are already publically available such as agency annual reports, budget statements, public registers, the electoral roll and so on.

Government agencies may also be prepared to give access to documents not publically available outside of the freedom of information process.

If you want to find out whether documents are publically available or available outside of freedom of information you can check the website of the relevant state government agency, minister, local council or state university, or contact the agency's FOI officer or FOI Unit directly and ask.

Agency Information Statements may also list documents that are publically available or available outside the freedom of information process.  Information Statements are published on agency websites or in agency annual reports.

Disclosure Logs for non-personal information released through freedom of information 

Where an FOI applicant is given access to non-personal information through the freedom of information process, some State Government agencies are required to publish details of the FOI application, and the documents to which access is given, in a disclosure log on their website.  This disclosure is authorised by Premier and Cabinet Circular PC045 – Disclosure logs for non-personal information released through freedom of information (PC045)

Regularly requested government information published online 

Some government information that is regularly requested by the public is now being proactively disclosed by government agencies on their websites for everyone to access.  This information includes government expenditure on credit cards, mobile phones, overseas travel and more.  To access this information visit

Cabinet documents published online

Some Cabinet documents between 10 and 20 years old are published on the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website.

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