Divorce in South Australia

Between 1858 and 1975 divorces in South Australia were granted under South Australian law.  Since 1975 divorces have been granted under the Family Law Act, 1975. Records relating to them are held by the Family Court of Australia.

For further information on the history of divorce in South Australia and associated records, see our Divorce Fact Sheet.

State Records holds a number of series relating to divorces and matrimonial legal cases.  These include:

Associated filed records relating to divorce 1859 - 1894

These records are associated documents filed with the courts in the lead up to the granting of a divorce and can include: petitions for divorce, affidavits, petitions for alimony, costs, record of court verdict, etc. 

Note: Other documentation relating to the divorce, and occasionally the record of court verdict, were maintained separately from the associated documents, but were given the same number. See GRG 36/51 for the petitions and other documentation, that generally give details of marriage and reasons for divorce.

The Special List includes the person's name, the date and the file number.  The List is arranged alphabetically by the name of the person.

Special List to GRG 36/23 - Records relating to divorce 1859 - 1894

Matrimonial petitions, Supreme Court of South Australia 1859 - 1893

These records are petitions relating to divorces under the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1858. Records typically include petitions for dissolution of marriage, judicial separations, protection of earnings, decrees absolute, decrees nisi and nullifications of marriage.  The records generally give details of the marriage and the reasons for the divorce.  

The Special List is arranged alphabetically by the name of the applicant and also includes location, date, file/record number and a brief legal summary of the file contents.

Special List to GRG 36/51 Matrimonial petitions, numerical series - Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction, 1859 - 1893

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