Crown Lands and Immigration Office files

Correspondence files, Crown Lands and Immigration Office 1865 - circa 1911

This is the major correspondence series of the Crown Lands and Immigration Office, from mid 1893 the Crown Lands Office.  Correspondence files consist of letters and other documents received by the Department, memoranda of action taken, internal reports or inquiries, and usually either brief notes outlining the reply (nineteenth century), or copies of letters sent (twentieth century).  A correspondence file generally only relates to one particular subject or individual, but documents received over a number of years may be the placed in the same file. The file cover may be annotated with the file numbers of related files.

Note: The Special List indexes references to files relating to various matters including immigration, land and employment. 

The Special List is arranged alphabetically surname of the immigrant and also contains a country of origin (in some cases), the file number, the name of the ship (in some cases), some notes about the subject of the file (in most cases) and the date.

Special List to GRG 35/1 - Correspondence files ('CL I' or 'CLO' dockets) - 1865 - circa 1911 A - Z



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