Copying and Digitisation Services

State Records offers a range of copying and digitisation options to researchers. Charges are set by the State Records Fees Regulations.

Use of digital equipment

Researchers may take photographs of records in the Research Centre using their own cameras, free of charge. Researchers are first required to complete a Permission to Photograph Records form.

A digital camera and ScanSnap SV600 are available for use in the Research Centre, free of charge. Researchers can transfer images taken with this equipment onto their personal USB/CD using the computer available in the Research Centre for this purpose, or purchase a USB/CD from State Records to store them on.

Copies from microform

Researchers may take copies from microform by either saving images onto their personal USB/CD, or printing black and white copies in A4 or A3 size in the Research Centre.

Digital images and prints

State Records is able to provide copies in the following formats:

  • Digital images (PDF, JPEG or TIFF)

  • Basic black and white or colour prints from digital images (A4 and A3 size)

  • High quality colour prints from digital images (A3, A2 and A1 size)

To obtain copies, researchers need to request a written quote from a Reference Officer. The Reference Officer will require precise references on what is to be digitised.

Digital images can be sent to researchers via email using SecureFile, or, for an additional cost, print or CD copies may be posted.

Please note that payment is required before copying can proceed. Orders for printed copies of records which require to be digitised attract both the digitisation and printing charges.

State Records aims to complete requests for digital images and prints within four weeks.


Application fee for copies of documents

Application made in person (1-10 pages)no fee
Application made in person (more than 10 pages)$9.70
Application made in writing or by telephone$9.70


Basic A4 print (black and white)$0.75
Basic A3 print (black and white)$1.90
Basic A4 print (colour)$1.75
Basic A3 print (colour)$3.60
High quality A3 print (colour)$6.05
High quality A2 print (colour)$12.10
High quality A1 print (colour)$18.30

Digital format – low resolution

Selected pages (1-4 pages)$6.95
Small item (5-20 pages)$34.75
Medium item (21-40 pages)$69.50
Large item (more than 40 pages)$104.00

Digital format – high resolution (e.g. TIFF)

Per page$23.50

Digital format - where a digital image already exists

No copying charge but the application fee may still apply.

Additional services

Certification of copy (per page)$0.65

Payment options

Researchers may pay for quotes at the Information Counter within the Research Centre by EFTPOS. Researchers may pay for quotes from outside the Research Centre via credit/debit card. To pay remotely by card, please call the State Records Research Centre during opening hours - Tuesday-Thursday, 9.30am-4.30pm.  State Records accepts Visa and Mastercard.


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