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Have you found our A-Z for Researchers, Indexes and Special Lists and Passenger Lists?  You might find the answer to your enquiry there.  We are updating it regularly, as new Fact Sheets and guides become available.

Otherwise our trained and experienced Archivists can help you identify whether or not State Records holds information relevant to your research. To answer your enquiry it is helpful for us to know the following.

  • The name, approximate dates of birth and death, and place of residence of any individuals you are researching.
  • Specific questions you have about your research topic. For example: 'I am trying to find out when this person first came to South Australia', or 'I would like to know when this property was subdivided'.
  • Records or sources you have already consulted and your success with those sources. This will prevent us from duplicating your work.
  • Whether or not you have already sought help from State Records on this or other closely related topics, and approximately when.

You may expect a response within four weeks. Our response will include guidance around finding aids and indexes to be consulted, record series which may be relevant and services available.

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