Barwell Boys

Applications for assisted passage as Farm Apprentices (Barwell Boys) 1922 - 1924

The South Australian Farm Apprentice Scheme (also known as the Barwell Boy scheme) was devised by the then Premier of South Australia, Henry Barwell, to replace in some measure the 6000 South Australian men who died in World War 1.  Boys (generally in their late teens) emigrated to South Australia and were assigned to a South Australian farmer as a 'farm apprentice'.  Once they arrived the boys were paid a wage from which their passage money was repaid.

This series is the card index to the series GRG 7/6 - Applications by youths for assisted passage as farm apprentices - Barwell Boys Scheme 1922 - 1924. The cards are arranged alphabetically and give the name of boy, the file number, the name of ship, the date of arrival, religion, name and address of employer/s, wages paid etc.  The names of the boys can be searched using the Keyword Search function of our catalogue ArchivesSearch

The Special List is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the boy applying for assisted applications to be a Farm Apprentice.

GRG 7/19 card index to applications for assisted passage as Farm Apprentices (Barwell Boys) 1922 - 1924

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