Applications for foster mother licences

Applications for foster mothers' licences 1899 - 1910

This series consists of a register recording applications for and licences issued by the State to women to act as foster mothers.  It also records the decisions of the State Children's Council and can document the return and cancellation of licences previously issued.

The volume records the date of the application, the number of the application, the name of the applicant, their address, the decision of the Council, the number of the licence, the number of children, the date of the licence and a remarks column.

The Special List to this series records the name of the applicant, the date they applied, the page in the volume for their application and the applicant's address.  It also contains the following Symbols used; + Licence granted, - Licence Refused/Declined and * Child. The Special List is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the applicant.

Special List to GRG 27/16 - Register of applications for foster mothers' licences 1899 - 1910


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