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Introducing our new Plan Scanner (just don't tell the camera!)

In this blog post we intend to provide you with an insight into our digitisation practices – and in particular our newly acquired tool, the plan scanner.  How exactly does it match up against photography?

State Records has been delivering a digitisation service for around five years. In that time the copying tools used to meet the requests of our customers have consisted of a high quality SLR camera and a scanner.

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The Queen's Speeches

SRSA GRG24/140 item 72 p.80a Australia loves a royal visit.  You are sure to have images in mind of crowds, photographers, glamourous outfits, military inspections, flapping plastic union jacks, excited children, and many bunches of flowers.

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Unhiding the brave

Sometimes the story behind a series of records can be as interesting as the records themselves. This is certainly the case with our series of photographs of WWI soldiers, sailors and nurses (SRSA Ref: GRG 26/5/4).

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You can't just Trove it

The 460+ delegates preparing for the four day family history feast – Photo: Carol RileyOur staff had the pleasure recently of attending the 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry held in Canberra at the end of March, 2015.  Here you will find the first in a series of discussions around the methods of family history research that were explored.

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Z Ward: A story in drawings...

Z-ward plansReaders may be aware of the recent media attention the ‘Z Ward’ building at Glenside Hospital has received. The sale of the complex to Beach Energy has caused curiosity about its future – particularly in regards to how its historical significance will be preserved.

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"DON'T STAND LOOKING AT THIS": World War 1 recruitment posters and the art of war

Fifty recruitment and war effort posters held by State Records give us a unique insight into the mind of the South Australian home front during the First World War. Collected by the Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia these posters, along with broadsheets, handbills and stamps, now make up State Records’ series GRG32/16 World War I recruitment and war effort posters – State War Council.

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