Who Do You Think You Are - Season 8, Episode 2 recap

Peter Garrett


Season 8 of the popular family history show Who Do You Think You Are? screened over several weeks during 2016. Here at State Records of South Australia we recapped each episode at the time and highlighted any records in our collection relevant to topics covered. Now on our blog for your reading pleasure are all of our recaps. 


In episode 2 we joined Peter Garrett as he delved into the lives of his ancestors. We began by taking a look at the life of his paternal great-great-great grandfather who arrived in Sydney in the 1830’s and was a successful butcher in the Rocks area in Sydney and who later went on to own land near Canberra. We learned that Peter’s first ancestor born in Australia was his great-great grandmother Lucy Langdon. We learned that Lucy became an Immigration Agent and Matron at the Female Immigration Depot which later also housed the Destitute Asylum. Annual reports showed that Lucy ran the Depot and Asylum very well.

We then explored the life of Peter Garrett’s maternal grandmother. We followed her life to Perth where Peter visited the State Records Office of Western Australia. He learned through the Annual Report of the Chief Protector of Aborigines that his grandmother worked on Dorre Island off the Western Australian coast caring for Indigenous people with venereal diseases. We also learned through Hansard that his grandmother was accused of having an affair with the Doctor on the island, Dr. Pritchard. This gives us a clue to the father of a child his grandmother had before her marriage to Peter’s grandfather. We travelled with Peter to Dorre Island to learn what life would have been like for those living on the island and discovered the sadness that the removal of island’s Indigenous people caused.

Whilst Peter’s story didn’t take him to South Australia, if you’re looking for South Australian records on topics covered by Peter’s story we can assist you with:

  • Wills – GRS 1334 Probate files (wills) - Testamentary Causes Jurisdiction, Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Early Colonial life - GRG 24 Chief Secretary’s Office (CSO) early correspondence records can give a glimpse into a person’s life in the early days of the colony
  • Destitute Asylum – GRG 28 Destitute Board
  • Records relating to Aboriginal People – GRG 52 Aborigines' Office

If you’re just beginning your family history journey then it’s also worth checking out our webpage on Family History Research at State Records.

If you would like some more information on the above records or have a question about how our collection can help you with your family history research then you can send us an enquiry.

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